Bariatric Personal Training

Exercise is crucial following bariatric surgery. It’s very important for maintaining the weight loss and staying healthy.

Some people struggle though because they don’t enjoy going to the gym. Often this leads to skipping exercise in general, or just doing it sparingly.

It helps to have someone supporting you, a partner or coach that can keep you disciplined.

The most important part is that, after your bariatric surgery, you stay active and exercising. These tips will help you do that.

How long do you wait to exercise after weight loss surgery?

Before investing in a personal trainer, it’s important to make sure you’re ready to exercise.

The recovery period lasts about 3-6 weeks, which can also vary depending on the patient (less invasive procedures like laparoscopic gastric sleeve or lap band surgery generally bring shorter recovery).

Once you have finished the recovery period, we recommend engaging in more forms of exercise, including:

  • Strengthening, such as with resistance bands or a light pair of weights

  • Flexibility, such as light stretching or even Yoga

  • A bit more endurance, such as time on elliptical or stationary bike

It’s generally towards the end of recovery that a patient will start training and exercising more vigorously. This is when they consider working with a personal trainer.

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