Nutrition and Diet 


Our nutrition coaching service  can help you break through those plateaus where you feel like you have have tried everything possible under the sun and exhausted every possibility. Team this up with the expertise of Lulu and you will find yourself totally happy with the outcome both physically and mentally.


Lulu will provide you with the knowledge of what to eat and when so that you get the nutrients you need, when you need them in order to compliment and maximise your training program. Lulu will give you the tools you require to follow your plan and track your progress as you move toward your fitness goals, and offer you the support and accountability you desire to keep you motivated and inspired on your fitness journey.


Our goal is to help you achieve your best level of fitness, nutrition and well being as a total package for you.  We provide you with the diet coaching and training expertise to completely and successfully change your body. So whether you are training for a competition, or trying to fit into that wedding dress, we are passionate about helping you realise your fitness dreams.


We work with you, your lifestyle and your goals — no one size fits all solution to ensure that you achieve.