I have been training with Lou Richards for the past eighteen months.


I worked with her all throughout my pregnancy and have now started postnatal training. It is wonderful to work alongside someone with such a positive outlook - she is very encouraging, letting you work at your own pace but still ensuring that you improve your fitness and achieve results.


I felt very comfortable and safe training with Lou while I was pregnant - she tailored a program which took into account all the changes my body was going through. Now, five months after giving birth, I feel like I am back in shape and my body has returned to the state it was before my pregnancy.


I have no doubt this is due to all of the work I have done with Lou!



I was introduced to Lou Richards through a friend who had been training with Lou.  I had undergone hip surgery and was a little apprehensive.  My first interaction with Lou was professional but she instantly gave me a sense of ease.   With Lou’s resume, it would be easy to get intimidated- however on first meeting, this could not be further from the truth.   Lou made a thorough assessment of my ability and tailored the training around this.   Make no mistake, it was bloody hard.   I did not think that I was going to last the 30 minute session!  However, Lou always can sense how you are feeling and tailors the workout to suit your body on that day.  


I have now been training with Lou for over 6 months, and I have to say she is the best trainer that I have ever had.   She makes every session fun yet at the same time, makes me wonder how I got through it!  Lou has got me to a level that I never knew possible.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.